What I do and why

Academically, my work is situated at the intersection of materialist media studies and the environmental humanities. Personally and politically, it is concerned with finding gentler and more creative ways for humans and non-humans to live together, especially in cities. I focus in particular on plants, designed landscapes and photographic media, with three main objectives:

  • to show how our ways of living together are shaped by the environments we make
  • to identify the political investments and cultural implications of the practices, technologies and aesthetics deployed in that making (and re-making)
  • to facilitate the development of alternative ways of making, tending and inhabiting environments
I believe that it is precisely those beings, physical forms and technologies we encounter or use on a daily basis, that most profoundly, if often imperceptibly, shape the world we perceive. Their analysis poses methodological challenges at the same time that it promises to inspire creative change of the most pragmatic sort.

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